Indian Coral Trees Decorate RGIPT campus

DC Tewari, Visiting Faculty

It’s a beautiful season, onset of spring. The North Western part of RGIPT campus is perked up with the appearance of stunningly gorgeous, red flowers. As we move towards the entrance gate (RHS) of RGIPT hostel campus, an array of around 20 Indian coral trees in bloom welcome us. The bright crimson red blossoms are accompanied by reddish brown pods.



The tree has three diamond shaped leaflets. One can see a variety of birds, babblers, drongo, tailor bird, bulbuls and sun birds visiting these trees and contributing to its pollination. This ornamental tree, enjoys a pride of place amid the flora of RGIPT. The botanical name of indian coral tree is Erythrina variegate and it hails from Faboideae family. The common Hindi name is Pangara and referred as Parijata in Sanskrit texts.

On a pleasant spring morning stray to this part of RGIPT and feast your eyes on the brilliance of nature.

Photo Courtesy: Ankit Pachouri, RGIPT.

Reference: The Book of Indian Trees; K C Sahni, Bombay Natural History Society.