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Information Technology

Course Reflection

 IT is essential in petroleum & gas industries to promote digitization, improve energy efficiency, offering greater optimization of the natural resources, reducing energy and raw material consumption, and improving the recycling of so-called electronic waste and facilitate system efficiency through IoT and data analysis etc. Therefore, the graduates from the programme are expected to find employment in the petroleum & energy domain as well as other industries. The Institute is engaged in empowering skills in the realm through its present-day teaching and state-of-the-art research provisions. It lets them recognize, grow and put in the understanding obtained in the following area, which is required in the Information Technology field:

  • IT and Geoinformatics Engineering
  • Modern Robotics
  • Digital Communication

The CSE Department of the Institute is furnished with skilled faculty members aided by industry resource persons. The course structure for B.Tech. in IT is well designed and is at par with the courses offered by most International Universities in the domain of Information Technology.

Why @ RGIPT?

  • Considering the strong requirement of digitization, Internet of things and artificial intelligence in the domain industries, the Institute is targeting generation of qualified manpower in the discipline
  • The Institute is associated with leading International Universities/Institutions specializing in the domain of Petroleum and energy and has a strong industry-academia interface. Therefore, to fulfill the requirement of the above industries in the particular sector the Institute is offering B.Tech. in IT.
  • The Institute is possessing an excellent teaching and research infrastructure to effectively carry out teaching and learning process along with research activities in IT domain.


  • Tech. in Information Technology
    • IT and Geoinformatics Engineering
    • Modern Robotics
    • Digital Communication

Departmental Elective

IT and Geoinformatics Engineering

Modern Robotics

Digital Communication


Geoinformatics/Remote Sensing and Aerial Photogrammetry/UAV Remote Sensing

Robotics and Industrial Automation

Digital Communication System


GPS and Adjustment Computation

Cognition and Cognitive System

Wireless Sensor Network


Geographic Information System/Data Analytics

Speech and Language Technology/Natural Language Processing

Wireless Digital Communication


Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition/Artificial Intelligence

Robot Motion Planning/Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence/Cyber Security

Department Core Courses

Discrete Mathematics

Data Structure and Algorithm

Principles of Programming Languages

Object Oriented Methodologies

Database Management Systems

Web Technology

Computer Organization and Architecture

Operating Systems

Theory of Computation

Software Engineering

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Computer Networks

Compiler Design

Operations Research

Mobile Computing

Soft Computing

Digital Image Processing

Data Mining

Program Highlights

The course is primarily based on industrial relevant subjects. The syllabus is molded towards the current trends and requirements of the petroleum and energy domain industries. The programme will train students with the advanced skills in various specialized areas through allowing the students to enroll in various parallel streams during their programme. The programme is project based and allows the students to learn through hands-on training.

Future Prospects

  • A degree program in information technology opens up a range of careers in automation, security, privacy, and robust smart assistance.
  • Students who graduate with an information technology degree enter the workforce with the knowledge needed for data science.
  • Individuals who get a degree in information technology will take jobs in app development, machine learning, and software engineering.