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Numerical Analysis

The areas of focus of the people in this group include

  • Numerical solutions of PDE
  • Multi-Scale Stiff Dynamical Systems
  • Solutions of Partial Integro-Differential Equations
  • Numerical solutions of Integral Equations (in broad Numerical Functional Analysis)

Integral equations arise in many areas of natural sciences and engineering. The physical problems which have had the greatest influence on the development of integral equations are those which give rise to the potential theory. Such problems arise from various sources, the mathematical theories of hydrodynamics and elasticity being just two of them. Singular integral equations arise naturally from boundary value problems of interest in many areas of science and engineering. In particular, whenever a Green's function or isolated singular solution can be determined, the boundary-value problem can be replaced by an integral equation over part or all of the boundary.

From a given problem (raised in sciences or engineering), first construct the corresponding