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Professor Satish K Sinha on the National Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India

Professor Satish K Sinha

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology's (RGIPT) Head of the Petroleum Engineering and Geoengineering Department, Professor Satish K Sinha has been nominated as an Expert Member of the National Advisory Committee for identifying issues and challenges in the implementation of the Policy Framework to promote and incentivize Enhanced Recovery Methods for Oil and Gas (Enhanced Recovery Policy 2018). The committee, constituted on June 2023 by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India has an objective to assist the appointed ER Committee under the policy for identifying bottlenecks, issues, and challenges, if any, in the ER Policy 2018 based on the critical examination of various representations received from E&P operators. It will also evaluate the performance of applied ER processes and technologies, incremental production profile, broadening the scope for ER for unconventional hydrocarbon (HC), and intended fiscal benefits to operators under the policy.

The committee constituted under the chairmanship of Shri Omkar Nath Gyani, Director (Operations) ONGC Videsh Limited has been entrusted with the overall task of preparing a report providing necessary suggestions and recommendations which shall form the basis for a mid-term review of the ER Policy, 2018.

Dr Sinha is an acclaimed Geophysicst and while maintaining a healthy balance between teaching and research he has authored many peer-reviewed publications, apart from having more than numerous presentations at National and International scientific meetings.