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Computational Facilities

PETEX Software Package

Petroleum Experts Limited, Petex House, 10 Logie Mill, Edinburgh, EH7 4HG, United Kingdom, has donated ten educational licenses of their Software, IPM and Move Suites, to the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Geoengineering, RGIPT Jais for academic purposes. The software can model the entire process from G&G exploration to the development and production of petroleum and gas.

The total monetary value of the software is £5,779,977.03.

The software includes the following modules:

  • PROSPER: Multiphase well and pipeline nodal analysis
  • GAP: Multiphase network modelling and optimization
  • PVTP: Transient wells, flow-lines and networks
  • MBAL: Analytical reservoir engineering toolkit
  • REVEAL: Simulator for specialized reservoir studies
  • RESOLVE: Advanced integration a vendor neutral solution formulation platform
  • MOVE: Structural modelling and analysis toolkit
    • 2D Kinematic Modelling
    • 3D Kinematic Modelling
    • Geomechanical Modelling
    • Fracture Modelling
    • Fault Response Modelling
    • Fault Analysis
    • Stress Analysis
    • Move Link Petrel
    • Move Link Open Works
    • Move Link GST

Kingdom: Seismic, well logs and geological interpretation.

OpendTect: Seismic data interpretation for visualizing, analyzing and interpreting 2D, 3D and 4D seismic data.

RadEXPro Software: Seismic processing software. It is well suited for in-depth HR/UHR marine seismic processing, real-time marine 2D/3D seismic QC, onboard fast track processing, land and marine off–line seismic QC, complete processing of near–surface seismic data (reflection, refraction, tomography, MASW) and VSP processing.

winMASW: For Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves.

ZondRes2D and 3D: Resistivity data processing and interpretation

CMG Software: 2020 version, modules
GEM: Compositional & Unconventional Simulator
IMEX: Black Oil & Unconventional Simulator
STARS: Thermal & Advanced Processes Simulator
CMOST: Intelligent Optimization & Analysis Tool
WinProp: Fluid Property Characterization Tool

Kappa Software: for Well Test Analysis, modules
Ecrin v4.0 includes the following softwares:
Diamant: data management
Saphir (NL): Pressure Transient Analysis
Topaze (NL): Production Analysis
Rubis: Reservoir simulator
Emeraude: Production logging module

Ansys Software: Computational Fluid Flow and Mechanical Analysis.