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Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) Student chapter

IICHE Student chapter aims to provide the students with an opportunity to enrich their knowledge concerning a diverse range of domains, inculcating the sense of responsibility and enhancing their potential. IICHE organises seminars, guest lectures, analytical quizzes, placement talks and intern talks among many other events enabling the attendees to have an overall growth while enriching and inculcating in them a sense of confidence. The chemical student fraternity stands to gain a lot from the initiatives of the chapter, and we believe that together, we can work and achieve higher goals. Here are some of the events that IICHE will be conducting in the upcoming months.

The Link

The inaugural event of the IICHE student chapter is designed in a way to help the students to understand the various technical processes carried out in the industry set up on the basis of the principles learned within the walls of the classroom. The contest, aimed to evaluate the analytical skills of individuals, will require them to brush up their rudimentary understanding and fine-tune their problem-solving capabilities Students will have to try to come up solutions that are innovative and efficient in order to garner higher marks while also providing the students with a chance to sharpen their soft skills in the advancing rounds of the event.

Matlab session

“Matlab” can be categorized as one of the most useful software that an individual will come across during his vocational tenure. It is very important for a technically sound Chemical Engineer to be well versed with the software in order to effectively analyse his/her data. The session will be organised to help the students, deal with the basic functions of the software and guide them to work on the advanced aspects of the interface. The session witnessed overwhelming participation in the previous academic year and we expect a greater footfall this time too. The dates for the session are tentative but organizing this event is one of the foremost priorities of the student chapter.


The most awaited event of the IICHE student chapter, the E-Chemtron is an online event aimed to reach a larger and widespread audience. Students with varied opinions indulge in debates and group discussions that are both interesting and informative for the public viewers. The previous edition of the event witnessed 13,823 activities within the stipulated date. The following rounds will constitute the Online Event.

The Round Table. (Debate on the social media platform of FACEBOOK)


The health safety security and environment photography.

Registration for the above-mentioned events will be carried out through Google Forms, provided as hyperlinks on various social media platforms. Prizes won are rupees 10,000 will be on stake.

Guest Lecture

The event is aimed to cater to the interest and curiosity of the students, who aspire to trade their skills in chemical industries after finishing their graduation. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the alumina from industries. This will help the students to understand their working domain and stand a chance to grow up with skills that are deemed to be absolute necessitate in the industrial setup.

Placement Talk

The Placement talk will focus on the various ways through which an individual may develop skills, USPs and a perfect resume. Means of networking and methods of upward communication that are have been found to be fruitful by tried and tested techniques will be shared. Provides a platform where queries by students will be entertained and anecdotes from interviews are shared. It is the highesthly anticipated event of the year and is generally conducted during the end of the academic session.

IICHE Urjostsav Event(Hunt for Quimico)

Number of the rounds: 2

Minimum number of participants: 100 (expected)

Round 1:  Quiz (Venue: auditorium most probably)

This round will be a comprehensive quiz in which questions will pop up on the screen for a period of fifteen seconds for the student to answer accordingly.

The quiz will consist of 100 questions.

 Questions will be based upon the common sense and analytical skills of problem-solving.

Each question will be awarded 5 marks for the correct answer and -1 mark for the wrong answer.

Round 2: hunt with the twist (venue: the open area around, reporting at TV room)

Selected participants will be given with 10 chemicals (with the questions giving an answer to them).

The first participants who will finish the task at first and with maximum accuracy will win the competition.


It is a one-week event whose main focus to check the academic as well as non-academic knowledge of the chemistry of participants in different areas. It consists of various rounds  “Quiz, Chemical properties of substances, and Heat exchange.” This event encourages applicants to increase their knowledge of multiple aspects of chemistry.


It is an entertainment and fiction based event which aims to test the logical and mental skills of the participants. The first round of this event consists of a quiz in which the main aim is to check how quick, effective comebacks appear within a time frame in logical and twisted questions.  After judging sharp brains, the event will march forward to its most exciting part,  the final round, in this every team will be assigned a country indiscriminately and provide an amount of 20, 00, 00,000 in the beginning, from which they have to buy several weapons to add in their arsenal and construct their defences. This event is all about making allies on the world platform and dominating the rest of the world. Prizes worth rupees 6000 will be on stake.

Student Representatives


Girish Agarwal

Chemical Engineering (Final Year)


Vice President

Ajeet Patel

Chemical Engineering (Final Year)



Abhishek Kumar

Chemical Engineering (Final Year)



Abhishek Prajapati

Chemical Engineering (Final Year)