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Computer Science and Engineering


Sl No Name of the Faculty Member Year of Publication Details of Research Publications in Reputed Journals
1. Dr Daya Sagar Gupta 2021
  • Gupta, Daya Sagar, Sangram Ray, Tajinder Singh, and Madhu Kumari. "Post-quantum lightweight identity-based two-party authenticated key exchange protocol for Internet of Vehicles with probable security." Computer Communications (2021).
  • Gupta, Daya Sagar, et al. "LAAC: Lightweight Lattice-Based Authentication and Access Control Protocol for E-Health Systems in IoT Environments." IEEE Systems Journal (2020).
  • Gupta, Daya Sagar, et al. "A provably secure and lightweight identity-based two-party authenticated key agreement protocol for IIoT environments." IEEE Systems Journal 15.2 (2020): 1732-1741.
  • Gupta, Daya Sagar, et al. "A Novel Identity-based Deniable Authentication Protocol Using Bilinear Pairings for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks." Adhoc & Sensor Wireless Networks 47 (2020).
  • Gupta, Daya Sagar. "An IBE-based authenticated key transfer protocol on elliptic curves." Encyclopedia of Criminal Activities and the Deep Web. IGI Global, 2020. 1112-1122.
  • Mukherjee, Sankar, Daya Sagar Gupta, and G. P. Biswas. "An efficient and batch verifiable conditional privacy-preserving authentication scheme for vanets using lattice." Computing 101.12 (2019): 1763-1788.
2. Dr Gargi Srivastava 2021
  • Tokarz, Debra A., Thomas J. Steinbach, Avinash Lokhande, Gargi Srivastava, Rajesh Ugalmugle, Caroll A. Co, Keith R. Shockley et al. "Using Artificial Intelligence to Detect, Classify, and Objectively Score Severity of Rodent Cardiomyopathy." Toxicologic Pathology 49, no. 4 (2021): 888-896.
  • Srivastava, Gargi, and Rajeev Srivastava. "Colon tumor localization using three input variants to Faster Region‐based Convolutional Neural Network and lazy snapping." International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology (2021).
  • Srivastava, Gargi, and Rajeev Srivastava. "Annotation of images using local binary pattern and local derivative pattern after salient object detection using minimum directional contrast and gradient vector flow." Signal, Image and Video Processing (2020): 1-9.
  • Srivastava, Gargi, and Rajeev Srivastava. "Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Efficient Framework for Image Annotation." ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM) 16.3 (2020): 1-24.
  • Singh, Neera, Vaibhav Pandey, Gargi Srivastava, Sitashree Banerjee, Om Parkash, and Devendra Kumar. "γ and α-(Fe, Ni) phase characterization using image processing and the effect of phase formation on the P/M Fe (100-x) Ni (x) alloys properties." Materials Chemistry and Physics 246 (2020): 122794.
3. Dr Susham Biswas 2021
  • Sharma, Vinamra B., Kartik Singh, Ravi Gupta, Ayush Joshi, Rakesh Dubey, Vishwas Gupta, Shruti Bharadwaj, Md. I. Zafar, Sushant Bajpai, Mohd A. Khan, Anubhava Srivastava, Divyang Pathak, and Susham Biswas. 2021. "Review of Structural Health Monitoring Techniques in Pipeline and Wind Turbine Industries" Applied System Innovation 4, no. 3: 59. [link]
  • Sharma, Vinamra Bhushan, Saurabh Tewari, Susham Biswas, Bharat Lohani, Umakant Dhar Dwivedi, Deepak Dwivedi, Ashutosh Sharma, and Jae Pil Jung. "Recent Advancements in AI-Enabled Smart Electronics Packaging for Structural Health Monitoring." Metals 11, no. 10 (2021): 1537.
  • Tewari, Saurabh, Umakant Dhar Dwivedi, and Susham Biswas. "Intelligent Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells Using Response Surface Methodology and Artificial Bee Colony." Sustainability 13.4 (2021): 1664.
  • Tewari, Saurabh, Umakant Dhar Dwivedi, and Susham Biswas. "A Novel Application of Ensemble Methods with Data Resampling Techniques for Drill Bit Selection in the Oil and Gas Industry." Energies 14.2 (2021): 432.
  • Bajpai, Sushant, Saurabh Kr Tiwary, Muskan Sonker, Ayush Joshi, Vishwas Gupta, Yogendra Kumar, Nehil Shreyash, and Susham Biswas. "Recent Advances in Nanoparticle-Based Cancer Treatment: A Review." ACS Applied Nano Materials (2021).
  • Singh, Ayush, Priyanshu Bhardwaj, and Susham Biswas. "Building a Model for Reservoir Characterisation in GIS Using Machine Learning." The International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences 43 (2020): 501-506.
  • Joshi, Girish, Bikash Pal, Iltaf Zafar, Shruti Bharadwaj, and Susham Biswas. "Developing Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems and the Need of UAV." In International Conference on Unmanned Aerial System in Geomatics, pp. 403-414. Springer, Cham, 2019.