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Computer Science and Engineering

Research Guidance

Supervised by Dr Susham Biswas

Sl No Name of Student Research Area Program Role Status
Shruti Bhardwaj Algorithm Development, Optimization, ML based modelling PhD-regular-RGIPT Supervisor Submitting Shortly
Iltaf Zafar Geospatial Modelling, ML PhD-part Time-RGIPT Supervisor Submitting Shortly
Rakesh Dubey Crowd Source GIS Mapping, ML PhD-regular-RGIPT Supervisor In progress
Anubhava Srivastava Machine Learning, Web Mapping Application PhD-part time-RGIPT Supervisor In progress
Vinamra B Sharma Algorithm Development for Precision PhD-part time-RGIPT Supervisor In progress
6 Vidya Laxmi Forecasting & Modelling using UAV/ Crowd source data for Precision Agriculture MBA- Dissertation-IIM Kashipur External Supervisor In progress

Guided 4 BTPs of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Departments