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Science and Technology Council

Council Convener & Co-convener

Dr Susham Biswas Dr Susham Biswas Convener, Science & Technology Council Telephone: 0535 2704 626Email:
Dr Rohit Bansal Dr Rohit Bansal Co-Convener, Science & Technology Council Telephone: 0535 2704 524Email:

Science and Technology (S & T) Council is the student technical activities body of the Institute. As an umbrella organization, it coordinates with Tinkering Lab, Kode Club, E-Cell and organizes Annual Technical Festivals Urjotsav. The main role of the council is to foster the technical, entrepreneurial, and management skills in the students by providing a platform to convert ideas to prototypes and subsequently from prototypes to products. The council organizes various expert lectures, workshops, projects as well as competitions. There are following teams working under the council.

  • Drone Team
  • Home and Industrial Automation Systems Team
  • Fire and Safety Team
  • Land Rover Team
  • Logging and Drilling Tools Development Team
  • Fluid Level Monitoring Team
  • Data Science Team
  • Web and Coding Team
  • Internet of Things (IoT) in Oil and Gas Team
  • Unmanned Railway Crossing Team

Science and Technology Projects

The projects allotted to the students under the council are mainly on Data Science, Internet of Things, Hardware Programming, Android App Development, and Website Development. For most projects, students aimed at finding relevance to society and Industry. Science and Technology council provide funding to all the projects.

Tinkering Laboratory

The curiosity of knowing how vast variety of things around us work is probably the reason behind the setting up this laboratory. Tinkering Laboratory offers the space and logistics to the students to collaborate and turn ideas into products. The laboratory also offers sack full sensors, modules, prototyping boards, peripherals and other hardware as per project needs.

Kode Club

The main role of the Kode club is to foster the skills of the computer programming languages among the students, and maintain a community of programmers from all spheres. The focus areas of our club include Data Science, Machine Learning, Application Development, and Simulations for Oil and Gas Industry. We conduct getting started sessions for relevant software and programming languages.

Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell)

E-Cell functions to support and facilitate Industrial and commercial adaption of technologies that can create a positive change in the society. Entrepreneurship Cell provides resources and consultancy from its knowledge pool to the prospective entrepreneurs of tomorrow, helping them grow their prototype into a marketable product for the masses or the Industry. E-Cell collaborate with Tinkering Lab and Kode Club to make their projects viable for market.

Project Exhibition

Liquid Level Monitoring System

Mohit Sinha, Mohit Uttam, Gaurav Sukharia, Manish Kumar, Furlai Majhi, Gaurav Meena, Md Saimuddin and Ashmita Bagaria

Liquid Level Monitoring System
Autonomous Quadcopter

Autonomous Quadcopter

Bikash Pal, Diwakar Kumar, Himanshu Kumar, Aashish Malik, Ankan Ekansh, Shubham Kumar, Shibam Shah, Ayush Joshi, Avnish Ranjan, Arunima Singh and Rahul Sureka

Intelligent Fire Alarm System

Girish Joshi, Palash Dubey, Abhilash Rath, Akshat Pandey, Areeb Ahmed, Mrigya Fogat, Soumyadeep Dutta and Yash Raj

Intelligent Fire Alarm System
IoT and Biometric based secuirty system

IoT and Biometric based Security System

Umang Vajpayee, Pranshu Dixit and Rahul Kanojia

Land Rover

Anurag, Vishwakarma, Shubham Singh, Anshul Deshwal, Farogh Abbas, Rajeev Kumar, Nikhil kumar Mishra, Harsh Vardhan and Prashant Kaushik

Land rover
Green campus using sensors

Green Campus using Sensors

R. Sudhanshu, Khushboo Agrawal, Anshika Agrawal, Rishabh Tiwari and Sagar Kumar

Obstacles Avoiding Robot

Aditya Singh, Farogh Abbas, Nikhil Kumar Mishra, Rajeev Kumar, Harsh Vardhan and Prashant K Kaushik

Obstacles avoiding robot