Swachh Bharat Rally "Ek Kadum Swachhta Ki Ore" by ARPAN - RGIPT social club
Swachh Bharat Rally Ek Kadum Swachhta Ki Ore by ARPAN - RGIPT social club

ARPAN - RGIPT social club organised a rally to spread awareness in line with our vision for promoting social welfare and security.

Our primary goals were:

  1. To catalyse the "Swachh Bharat" movement.
  2. To promote women empowerment through education. Our efforts were limited in the awareness sphere.
  3. Promoting sustainable living colonies, by way of promoting plantation: Planting the seeds for a sustainable tomorrow.

The rally cum volunteer squads along with village children went around the nearby Mukhetia rural region planting trees, carried out disinfection of drains using bleaching powder and spreading awareness about education for the marginalized fairer sex.

Here are some glimpses of the rally conducted on October 08, 2017.