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Bengaluru Centre (Energy Institute, Bengaluru)

Placement Talks

In Energy Institute, Bengaluru, Placement committee and placement officer will work with recruiters to streamline the placement process. The student placement committee gets involved in the recruitment process right from corporate interactions to pre-placement talks (PPT) and coordinating all recruitment related activities. They will help schedule recruitment procedures to enable the representatives of companies to share the profile of their company, key aspects of business, work environment, opportunities, roles and compensation which will be offered to the students.

Application and Shortlists: Interested students shall apply through the placement office in response to job descriptions given by companies. A detailed resume is submitted by the students as part of the application process. On the basis of student applications, companies are required to send shortlists to the office at least a week prior to their final placement interviews.

Placement Interviews: Companies can interview the students they have shortlisted, on the date provided by the placement office. The final placement interview gives the company and the student an opportunity to discuss the role in detail and make the right choice.

Offers and Acceptance: The Company can make an offer to the student after the final interview. For an offer to be valid, it should include details of role, location, remuneration, and other relevant terms and conditions required by the candidate to make a decision. Negotiations on compensation and other terms of employment should be held in strict confidence between recruiter and the Candidate. However, the company needs to inform the placement office to ensure effective and efficient hiring for all recruiters. The acceptance of an offer is governed by placement rules of the institute which are framed at the beginning of the academic year and may vary from year to year.